Does Medical marijuana helps to treat Glaucoma

Many studies find out that Medical Marijuana can cure varied diseases and sometimes it can slower the process of spreading the diseases. One of the many uses of it is as a treatment of the glaucoma patient. The glaucoma is an eye condition in which the optic nerves are damaged due to the increase pressure. There is a condition where a build up fluid pressured the optic nerve and can damage it. This in turn can blind or impair vision.

But it must be cleared that Medical Cannabis are not the cure for Glaucoma. It only reduces the affects. The cannabis can help to control or stop the process of progression. The idea that Medical Marijuana can help in Glaucoma treatment is date back to 70’s. But due to some legal scenarios it is not scientifically stated and processed properly.

So, what side effects or symptoms can be treated by Medical Marijuana:

Some side effects of Glaucoma can be treated by Medical Cannabis. Such as,

  • The hazy or blurry vision
  • Severe eye and head pain
  • Nausea or vomiting

The researchers of many countries find out that Medical Cannabis has some chemical compound known as THC which can be used to lower the IOP. However, one can take it as a pill or by injection but it is only applicable for a short period of time –as about three to four hours. As in many conditions, patients are potentially treated with Medical Marijuana and the process is pain free with deliberating the side effects.

Side effect of the Cannabis:

But the drawback of the treatment is that Medical Marijuana only can reduce inner eye pressure and the time period is only four hour. And also it reduces the blood pressure of the patient.

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